Snakes & other Reptiles

It's rare to encounter a snake problem in India. As they are shy creatures, it is likely that they will simply be passing-by as quickly as possible. Most snakes are extremely timid creatures and are only likely to attack if concerned or provoked.

Q. - What are sign of snakes?

Snakes shed their skin soon after emerging from hibernation, their shedded skin is the sign of snakes in you house or garden. If you find winding trails on light dirt or sandy surfaces that means snakes has passed that place.

Q. - Where you can find snakes?

There are certain places where snakes may like to hide on your property. Reptile habitats, garden, parks or other grassed areas and sunny areas are common places where you can find snakes.

Q. - Can Snake Bite cause Death?

Snake bites can be a real threat to people. The danger from snake bites and the toxicity of venom that a snake injects into its victim varies from species to species. Bite causes instant pain, immediate swelling, bruising and blistering. Sometimes it stops the blood flow the bite and the heart and immobilise the limb. The wrong treatment can be dangerous and cause death.

Treatment for Snakes

Eco-Friendly Treatment

In this method the repellent is sprayed and it emits a smell that makes the reptile uncomfortable. We Recommend spraying once a week during peak seasons on all the areas and surfaces where the snakes move frequently.